This blog will feature opinion, stories and events related to terrorism in Canada and the West.  The views presented may be controversial – the point is to spark debate and discussion on terrorism.  It is not often in Canada that a former practitioner (with more than 30 years’ experience) shares an insider’s perspective on such a high profile topic.  I welcome feedback – send me your views.  You can view all my posts at my Web site http://www.borealisthreatandrisk.com.

I am a former intelligence analyst with CSIS and a specialist in radicalisation and homegrown Islamist terrorism, as well as the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting and the Director of Security and Intelligence at Ottawa’s SecDev Group. I am also the author of four books on terrorism: “The Threat from Within: Recognizing Al Qaeda-inspired radicalization and violent extremism in Canada and the West”, “Western Foreign Fighters: the threat to homeland and international security”, “The Lesser Jihads: Bringing the Islamist threat to the world”, “An end to the war on terrorism”, all published by Rowman and Littlefield, as well as the forthcoming “When Religion Kills: how extremists justify violence through faith” (Lynne Rienner).


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